Permissions With Workbase

Introducing Workbase Permissions

We are delighted to release Workbase Permissions today. We have carefully listened to our users and have designed a straightforward and easy to manage way of giving employees management permissions.

To give an employee extended permissions simply go to their Employee File and click on Permissions. From there you can select which modules within Workbase you want that employee to access, and at what level. I.e. You would like Sarah to be able to manage the basic details of the employees, but only within her team. Or you want John to manage performance reviews, but only within his Department.

Managing permissions in the way empowers you to share responsibility and tasks within your team, which can help keep your employees engaged.

Your employees can then access their management panel from directly within their Employee Account, so no extra passwords or user accounts are required. They simply login as normal and click on the "Manage" link on the top navigation, which appears if they have been given any management permissions.

Workbase Permissions is available to all Workbase users and can be setup today.