The HR Health Check

How Good Is Your HR?

Over the last few months we have helped develop a completely unique tool called The HR Health Check. Nothing like it exists online today.

The HR Health Check came out of the repeated questsions we were asked by business owners, entrepreneurs and directors in charge of HR. Over a period of about 3 months extensive research was undertaken to review all the empirical evidence that exists on which aspects of HR Management actually improve small and medium sized business performance.

We took each research area and catagorised them into Compliance, Recruitment, Training, Performance Management, Process Management, Compensation, and HR Marketing. Within each section we have crafted questions that realted to empirical evidence in that field.

As well as generating a unique PDF report for every business that takes The HR Health Check, we wanted to make sure that we gave users something that was actionable, and that is where the Action Plan comes in. The Action Plan is a short bullet point list of considerations that if followed will increase your HR Health Check Score, and based on the research should improve your overall business performance. Not every consideration is suitable for every business so we leave that up to you to decide.

We also have a range of further resources that we can share for free with those people who want further assistance and opt-in for this when they complete their HR Health Check.

Best of all - The HR Health Check is completely free.

You can take The HR Health Check today at:
The HR Health Check