Updates to Workbase HR Software

What we've been up to

It has been a busy summer for our team at Workbase. We've released 5 major product updates and continued to work towards improving the experience in every area of our product and service.

Here are just some of the new features and improvements that we've released over the last few months:

  • Improvements to time off management including updates to request withdrawals
  • More meaning email notification messages to managers and employees.
  • We've increased the speed of the application by over 100% which means pages load even faster.
  • There is an improved time off calendar display which now shows company-wide dates.
  • You can now accept file uploads within an application form - great for requesting portfolios, CVs, and other documents as part of the job application process.
  • We've rebranded and improved the consistency between all of our sites and services.
  • Organisations, employees and job applicants can now request their own password resets by simply clicking on the "forgot password" link during login.
  • Finally, we've overhauled our organisation structure and permission management modules. This significant improvement now gives you the flexibility to fine-tune your Workbase account to exactly how your organisation operates.

Next Up

We expect to release a further 6 product releases before the end of the year and these include:

  • Improvements to Performance Management
  • Introducing Employee Exit
  • Improvements to Time Off Management
  • A new module called Employee Reward to help you manage pay and benefits.
  • Reports
  • We are also working on improving our User Interface so that every experience you and your team have with Workbase feels even better.

Get In Touch

We'd love to get your input and feedback to help us make great people management tools. Say hi and let us know what you think, at hello@workbasehr.com.