Always Improving Workbase

We've been hard at work during January and February to improve Workbase, implementing the feedback that our users have given us.

Since the start of the year we have published over 60 improvements and new features, many of these focus on helping our customers achieve their goals better.


  • Major improvements to Manager's user interface.
  • Significant improvements to our date and time picker.
  • Improved employee onboarding file upload process.
  • Improved field validations.
  • More helpful labels and descriptions to fields.

New Features

  • Limit manager permissions based on organisation structure.
  • Email notifications for time off requests now sent to employee, manager and organisation.
  • Deleteable organisation and employee documents
  • Employees can now view their team time off calendar.

Next 3 Months

We have a comprehensive product development roadmap over the next three months at Workbase. We're really excited about releasing:

  • Exportable Data & Reports.
  • Employee Exit process.
  • Our brand new Performance Review feature.
  • Employee Benefits management functionality.
  • Compensation Management.
  • Time off improvements including flexible working patterns, and an automatic pro-rata time off calculator.
  • Calendar invites sent with notification emails.
  • Improved employee onboarding process.
  • Searchable employee information.